Our History. Our Moment. Our Vision to be the finest.

This is Our Defining Moment

Together, as a community, we did it! The Defining Moment Campaign has raised more than $148,000,000, an achievement that advances the University’s vision for the future and helps ensure we are able to continue transforming the lives of students decades from now.

As we celebrate where we have been, we are dedicating ourselves to our vision, as a Catholic and Marianist university, to be the finest private university in the region. To achieve this, we are pledging ourselves to an even higher goal of $150 million.

Believing what is Possible

In November 2017, St. Mary’s University revealed the largest campaign in our history - The Defining Moment - with a fundraising goal of $130 million, a goal larger than all previous campaigns combined. Two years later and with still two years remaining, we have received more than $138 million in gifts, pledges and grants.

President Tom Mengler stands smiling in front of St. Louis Hall

I am most grateful to our generous alumni and friends for the thousands of gifts we have received as part of The Defining Moment.

Some large, some small, and all given from the heart in gratitude for the Marianist education you received.

Your gifts also signify your belief that St. Mary’s is an institution worthy of your investment. On behalf of our faculty and staff, I pledge to fulfill your high expectations.

– Thomas M. Mengler, St. Mary’s University President

My Defining Moment

Mya Culiver playing basketball

I believe we have a purpose here on Earth to love and serve others. The people who have provided funds for me are a step ahead on that, and I will be doing the same when I’m in the position to do so.

– Mya Culiver, Computer Engineering junior from New Mexico and Women’s Basketball guard

David Sommer in front of the ticker in the trading room

My life was transformed because a St. Mary’s professor saw in me more than I saw in myself, and cared enough to spend the time necessary to get me to see my potential. To assist our students as they develop into promising young professionals and genuinely good people is an honor that I never take for granted.

– David Sommer, Ph.D. (B.B.A. ’89), Charles E. Cheever Chair of Risk Management

Our Goals

Promoting a Marianist culture of excellence at St. Mary’s University will require investments: first, in facilities and programs that allow our students to gain relevant experience and develop the skills necessary to succeed; second, in faculty who are outstanding teachers and mentors and who introduce students to valuable cutting-edge research; and, third, in academic leaders who model high standards and bring innovative vision to St. Mary’s schools and degree programs.

Formation of Faith

Laura standing in front of the bell tower

The Marianist Leadership Program has empowered me to be a leader for my community. It has helped me discover where my strengths and weaknesses are, where I need to grow even more. The idea of being able to lead with the Marianist charisms is very significant to my future, especially because I want to be in education. – Laura Dicún, junior Management major and Entrepreneurship and Innovation minor

Student Success

Mireles conducting an ensemble

Through music and music education, everyone can find purpose and meaning in their lives. Thanks to your help, we are able to update our instrument inventory, technology and student aid, which advances our performance and education quality. – Matthew Mireles, D.M.A. (B.A. ’07), Chair of the Department of Music

Academic and Research Distinction

Alexis sitting at a table

I had never been exposed to research prior to coming to St. Mary’s. After I started, I fell in love with it. The professors helped me understand that my work extends to thousands of lives. The donors who funded much of our research and our renovated spaces have helped introduce us to our future callings. – Alexis Salazar, Biology senior

Faculty Excellence

Olivia sitting in the trading room

Our professors and donors to the Risk Management Student Success Fund, Tom and Leti Contreras, have helped instill that sense of, ‘I can do this.’ I feel ready and confident to make a difference in the world. – Olivia Bachelet, Finance and Risk Management senior from Colorado

Be Part of the Moment

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