Spring 2020

English Instructor champions Mexican American studies in University, K-12 schools

Every semester, Margaret Cantú-Sanchez, Ph.D. (B.A. ’06, M.A. ’07), hears students say, “I’ve never read anything by a Mexican American author.” While this shocks her, it is an all too common experience among educators, even in a city as diverse as San Antonio, which is 64% Latino.

School of Law project aids the wrongfully convicted

It took 15 years in prison to understand who she was, but Gricelda Moreno knows — she is strong, she has found her faith and she understands what domestic abuse is.

Colorado lawyer fights to bring high-speed internet to rural America

In some parts of rural Colorado, access to high-speed internet could look like a trip to the local Walmart parking lot or the public library, a barrier which can affect access to justice.

Business alum participates in school district’s efforts to help families in need

Like most people in the city — and around the world — Jose Placencia’s (B.B.A. ’10) life has changed drastically from one day to the next during the coronavirus pandemic.

Assistant Dean of Law Admissions experiences a defining moment with new J.D. students every fall

As the School of Law’s Assistant Dean of Admissions, Cathy Casiano says her favorite time of year is seeing the new faces of each fall’s incoming J.D. class.

Biology professor takes virology lessons into virtual classroom

In nearly three decades teaching at St. Mary’s University, Gary Ogden, Ph.D., Professor of Biological Sciences, remembered a touching moment that happened early in his professorship at St. Mary’s that brought him to tears.

Ethics expert proposes framework for “Voting Catholic”

While there’s no perfect way to “Vote Catholic,” theologian Julie Hanlon Rubio, Ph.D., proposes a framework for helping the faithful make tough decisions during election season. Rubio is a Professor of Social Ethics at the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University in Berkeley, California.

New Collaboratory draws History students together to study digital humanities

A study space called the Collaboratory, located on the fifth floor in Chaminade Tower at St. Mary’s University, is bringing together budding minds in the Department of History.

Understanding industrial organizational psychology propels new career options

Studies consistently show the most promising careers now require “softer” relationship-oriented abilities paired with strong analytical skills. For instance, the role of human resources manager landed in the 35th slot among 800 fastest growing occupational fields in the United States.

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