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If you are an undergraduate student who has completed courses at another institution, we want to make it easy to understand which credits will transfer. It’s always best to speak with the registrar, who can review your transcripts and identify which of your credits will transfer – and which degree requirements they will meet – but you can use the resources below as a starting point in determining which credits you have already earned.

Current students who wish to take undergraduate courses at other institutions — for example, taking a summer class at SAC — please see the Registrar page on Gateway for details on how to make sure your credits transfer smoothly.

St. Mary’s Core Transfer Equivalents

The St. Mary’s University core curriculum consists of up to 45 credits hours. Some majors will require specific courses to fulfill a core requirement. Students should refer to the St. Mary’s Undergraduate catalog at to review core curriculum requirements for their specific degree.

Information regarding transfer credits:

  • Grades earned must be equivalent to a “C-” or better to transfer.
  • Transfer hours and grades are posted to the St. Mary’s University transcript as transfer courses and are not calculated in the St. Mary’s GPA.
  • The maximum credits transferrable from a junior college, or any combination of junior colleges, is 66 semester hours.
  • The maximum credit transferable from a four-year university is 90 hours. A student with junior college and four-year university credits, the maximum total combined transfer hours is 90.

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Credit by Exam

You can also earn some undergraduate credits by passing an exam. We accept some AP exam scores which you can take in high school, but you can also take certain exams once you have enrolled at St. Mary’s for additional credit.

  • Questions?

    Our transfer coordinator can help you determine which classes will transfer.

    Andrew Agueros
    Assistant Director of Transfer Admission

    Office of Admission
    Chaminade Tower
    Text us: 210-526-0796
    Call us: 210-436-3126

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