Marianist Heritage

St. Mary’s community is committed to realize Blessed Chaminade’s vision of creating an educational community with individuals possessing diverse gifts and experiences used for the benefit of the common good.  Blessed Chaminade reportedly had his great vision of the “Family of Mary” renewing society while in exile at the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar, in Zaragoza, Spain. Since then, countless lay people, sisters, brothers and priests share a common heritage of faith, community and service to “live the faith in action”.

By sponsoring a series of prayer experiences, educational activities, and social gatherings, St. Mary’s University expresses a communal faith rooted in the traditions of the Catholic Church and the Society of Mary (the Marianists) as it incarnates the Marianist Mission of the University.

The Vice President of Mission and Rector works closely with the Marianist Educational Associates (MEAs), the Marianist Leadership Program (MLP) and University Ministry, among others, to  help bring together faculty and staff in our common desire to implement the Marianist Educational Ideal—providing a quality, integral education in a faith-filled community marked by mutual respect of its members, creative adaptation of its method, and an energetic contagion for justice and peace.