Parking Permit Regulations

All vehicles operated or parked on University property shall be registered with the St. Mary’s University Police Department and properly display a current and valid parking permit.

Parking Permits

Students: Resident and commuter student parking permits may be obtained during all registration periods or at the University Police Department during office hours.

Service Providers: Service providers to the University shall follow procedures established by the Facilities Department. Parking permits will be issued free-of-charge with the appropriate documentation.

Temporary Parking Permits

Visitors: Visitors are persons who are neither employees nor students of St. Mary’s University. Visitor parking is available in designated areas in parking lots around campus. Visitor parking spaces are not valid parking spaces for students or employees. Complimentary temporary parking permits (short-term and long-term) may be issued to visitors and guests who will be on campus for no more than two weeks. Temporary permits may be purchased by visitors who conduct business on campus on a regular basis, visit resident students or utilize St. Mary’s University facilities. Temporary permits may be purchased for each semester. License place numbers are required.

Handicapped Parking: Temporary handicapped parking permits are issued to individuals who have a current and valid parking permit. Individuals must provide a letter from the attending physician stating the individual’s name, nature of the disability and duration of the disability. Students must also obtain approval from the Dean of Students, and employees must obtain approval from the Director of Human Resources. Students must coordinate their documentation with Student Psychological and Testing Services.

Display of Permits

Any person operating a motor vehicle on campus shall properly display a current and valid St. Mary’s University parking permit.

  • Student parking permits must be affixed to the registered vehicle’s back windshield, (outside on lower left corner).
  • Motorcycle parking permits must be affixed to the motorcycle (fork) and displayed at all times.
  • Employee permits must hang from the interior rear-view mirror, with the permit number facing forward and visible from the front exterior of the vehicle.


Commuter and Resident Students 

Day (per semester): $30
Evening (per semester): $20
Summer (Sessions I and/or II) and Law Review Students: $17

Temporary Parking Permits for Visitors

Two weeks (maximum): No charge
All other passes: $17


No charge

Temporary Parking Permits for St. Mary’s University Students and Employees

Two weeks (maximum): No charge

For additional information, see the Traffic and Parking Regulations Handbook.