Parking FAQs

Do I have to register my vehicle with University Police?

Yes, permits are required on campus 24-hours a day permit required University. Evening students can contact our office for permit pickup after 5 p.m. at 210-431-6754.

The vehicle and insurance are not under my name. Can I register the vehicle?

Yes, you must register the vehicle regardless of the owner. The vehicle must be currently insured.

I just got a new vehicle. What do I do?

Register the new vehicle. If you have already registered a vehicle, contact University Police for instructions on how to update the information on record. You will need the insurance and license plate number (even if it is a paper plate).

My vehicle has a paper license plate. Do I need to register the vehicle at this time?

Yes, the paper plate is registered to your vehicle and must be registered with the university police.

I brought a temporary vehicle that does not have a permit. What do I do?

Stop by the University Police Department with your ID and vehicle license plate number and you will be issued a temporary permit pass. Parking in the visitor parking lot will result in a citation issued.

I have a visitor or speaker coming to campus. What do I do about a permit?

Visit the University Police Department with your ID and vehicle license plate number and you will be issued a visitor (temporary) permit pass. Or the visitor can stop by the University Police with his or her driver’s license and plate number for a visitor (temporary) permit pass. The University also has a visitor parking lot for visitors only.

I have classes all day and do not have time to get a parking permit.

University Police begins issuing permits the first week in August before classes begin in the University Center near the bookstore through the first week of regular classes. Alternatively, once you have complied with the permit requirements, you can fax your documentation to the University Police Department. Then, after verification and notification, you can pick up the permit after 5 p.m.

Do I need a parking permit if I only attend once a week in the evening after 5 p.m.?

Yes, permits are required on campus 24-hours a day .

For additional information, see the Traffic and Parking Regulations Handbook.