Current Recipients

  • “Mechanism Responsible for Thermotolerance in Invertebrates”
    by: Roberto De Los Santos
    Faculty mentor: Marshall McCue, Ph.D., Biological Sciences
  • “Service Delivery Technologies and Consumer Perception”
    by: Sofia del Cid
    Faculty mentor: Matthew Joseph, Ph.D., Marketing
  • “Economic News and Its Effect on Bank Stocks”
    by: Sean Lanagan
    Faculty mentor: Richard Bauer, Ph.D., Finance
  • “Validation of the Attributions for Scholastic Outcomes Scale—Latino (ASO-L)”
    by: Jason Montalvo
    Faculty mentor: Rick Sperling, Ph.D., Psychology
  • “Chemical Dynamic Study of Uranyl Ions Absorption to Sphagnum Peat Moss Fractions”
    by: Haemi Noh
    Faculty mentor: Jeff Schoonover, Ph.D., Chemistry
  • “A Bloody Price for Stability: Examining the Factors that Increase Violence in Mexico”
    by: Roger Tavira
    Faculty mentor: Amber Aubone, Ph.D., Political Science