Undergraduate Research Office

Image of two students working in the biology lab with Professor Daubner

Students at St. Mary’s have an opportunity to participate in undergraduate research and impact the world of science. Undergraduates are conducting cutting-edge research and using critically emerging technology in bioengineering and biology. The University also offers the chance to work with faculty scholars in business, humanities, and social science.

The Undergraduate Research Office sponsors the St. Mary’s University annual Research Symposium and Creative Activities Exhibition, which fosters scholarly dialogue among students and faculty. Presenters at the exhibition display an assortment of projects including scientific investigations, analytical reviews or projects, innovations/inventions, honors theses, senior projects and original works of art, media, poetry or writing.

The Undergraduate Research Office offers summer fellowships to students who wish to perform research in a one-on-one relationship with a faculty mentor. See details in the section on Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships.

The Undergraduate Research Office also offers travel grants for students to present their data at meetings. These are awarded on a rolling basis; applications are accepted at any time but must be submitted before travel.

Faculty Award for Mentoring Undergraduate Research

Amber Aubone, Ph.D.
Director of the URO
Assistant Professor, Political Science
St. Louis Hall 319