• Ph.D., Baylor University
  • M.A., St. Mary’s University
  • B.A., Baylor University


  • Thesis Research
  • Conflict Transformation: Theory and Practice

Research Interests

  • Religion and politics
  • Ethics and global security
  • Conflict resolution


Aaron Tyler received his doctorate in Religion, Politics and Society from Baylor University in 2006. His research interests include: political and religious theories on tolerance; the contributive potential of third-party religious affiliated organizations (RAOs) in conflict management; and normative/metaphysical arguments surrounding the international human rights regime. His work has appeared in such journals as the Journal of Political Theology, Journal of Religion and Politics. UCLA Journal of Islamic and Near Eastern Law, Journal of Interreligious Studies, Journal of Culture and Politics, and International Journal of Christianity and Social Work. He is also the author of Islam, the West, and Tolerance: Conceiving Coexistence.

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