• Ph.D., Princeton University
  • M.A., Baylor University
  • B.A., Wilfrid Laurier University (Waterloo, Canada)


  • International Relations Theory
  • Border Security
  • Human Rights
  • Causes of War
  • International Political Economy
  • Religion and International Affairs
  • Research and Writing in International Relations
  • Ethics in International Relations
  • National Security
  • Citizenship and Global Inequality
  • U.S. Immigration and Social Justice

Research Interests

  • Ethics (normative theory)
  • Immigration law and policy (human security)
  • Citizenship studies
  • International political theory
  • Religion and politics
  • Human rights


Professor Michael Sullivan’s research interests focus on the ethics of immigration enforcement, care ethics, civil-military relations, and the rights and obligations of citizenship. He is also interested in the interstate coordination of responses to unauthorized migration and settlement and efforts to balance the securitization of migration with international human rights commitments. At St. Mary’s, professor Sullivan teaches courses in International Relations Theory, World Religions, Ethics and International Relations, Human Rights, Causes of War, Border Security, National Security, and Citizenship and Global Inequality. Prof. Sullivan also has training and teaching experience in public law and American politics.


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Book Reviews
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