Registration Information for Summer and Fall 2014

Registration for Summer 2014 via Gateway begins May 19, 2014. This is the last day to register without a late registration fee.  Summer I session begins on May 20, 2014 and May 21 is the last day for schedule changes, pass/no pass and audits.  Summer II session begins on June 26, 2014.

Registration for Fall 2014 via Gateway begins August 18.  This is the last day to register without a late registration fee of $150.   Fall 2014 classes begin on Tuesday, August 19, 2014.

August 25, 2014 is the last day for schedule changes, pass/no pass and audits for Fall 2014 with no penalty.  Gateway closes at midnight on this day.

Beginning August 26, 2014 all schedule changes must be processed through the Registrar’s Office with all appropriate signatures on an Add/Drop form.

Check-in Zaragoza Orientation Program Schedule for new Fall 2014 undergraduate students:

All new entering freshmen and transfer students to St. Mary’s University, including undergraduate international students are required to attend Zaragoza Orientation program.

In order for us to offer you the best level of service including preparation of your course registration materials, we require you to sign-up in advance of the program you wish to attend by the deadlines.  Space for each session is limited and filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

For further assistance and information about Zaragoza Orientation Program email them at or visit them on the web.

Readmitted and Returning Undergraduate Students:

In order to prepare for advising and registration, please do the following:

  • Contact your academic adviser to make an appointment for advising. 
  • Check your Registration Status for any holds that may prevent you from registration. If you have a registration hold, contact that office that has you on hold. You may be able to register anyway. 
  • Print a copy of your Graduation Planning System (GPS) from Gateway under “Enrollment Essentials”. The Graduation Planning System (GPS) lists all your graduation requirements and informs you of the requirements you have completed and those that are incomplete. Use GPS and degree plans to help you determine which courses you should take. Watch GPS Video.
  • Create a tentative schedule. Use the “Course Schedule Planning Worksheet” to ensure you collect all the information you need.

** Include CRN’s on the worksheet. It speeds up the Web Registration process. **

    • Take your tentative schedule and a copy of your GPS and degree plan guide to your advising appointment or group advising session. Remember to request your registration pin number for Summer/Fall 2014 (undergraduate students only).
    • To view your class schedule, select “Enrollment Essentials” and select Step 5 (View your detailed course schedule). Then click the link entitled “Student Detail Schedule” or “Week at a Glance” in the Registration Menu.
    • Planning to Graduate this Summer or Fall 2014, students should complete an Application for Graduation, which is available on Gateway, upon registering for their final semester.

Graduate/Ph.D. Students

      • No registration pin number necessary to register.
      • Registration access is available 24/7 beginning March 24  through the first week of Fall 2014 classes and the first two days of classes in Summer.
      • REMINDER:  The first week of Fall  and the first two days of Summer classes are considered Late Registration, therefore, a $150 Late Registration fee will be access for all students.
      • Check the Graduation Planning System (GPS) in Gateway. GPS will list all your graduation requirements and informs you of the requirements you have completed and those that are incomplete. Watch the GPS Video.

Law Students Registration Information contact them at 210.436.3523.

Planning to Graduate this Summer or Fall 2014?

All Undergraduate, Graduate and Ph.D. students should complete an Application for Degree, which is available on Gateway, upon registering for their final semester.  Click here for application deadlines.

Once your Application for Degree is submitted, a final degree audit will be conducted. Additionally, you will begin to receive further information about Commencement activities, including the number of tickets that will be provided to each graduate. Stay tuned for further information via your student email or visit the Commencement pages for more information.

If you have any questions or for further assistance, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 210-436-3701 or

Closed Classes

If a student wishes to add a course that is closed, they must submit an ADD/DROP form to the Registrar’s office with the appropriate signatures. During the 100% refund period (with the exception of Biology and English courses), the student must obtain signatures from the instructor and adviser. If the student is adding a closed Biology or English course, the student must obtain a signature of the department chair and the adviser.

Biology, Timothy Raabe, Life 306, 431-4321
English, Kathleen Maloney, CT 409, 436-3701
SMC, Megan Mustain, CT 514, 436-3073

Prerequisite Classes

A prerequisite is a requirement that must be completed prior to the registration of a course. Prerequisite courses are listed in the University catalog and are also available via the course schedule on Gateway. If you are registering for a course that has a prerequisite and you are planning to take the prerequisite course over the summer, please note that you will not be allowed to add this course via Gateway. You will need to obtain approval from your academic adviser to register for this course via an add slip.

Cancelled Classes

Courses with low enrollment are subject to cancellation. St. Mary’s University makes every effort to determine course cancellation in advance of the first day of classes, but the final status of a cancelled course may not be resolved until the first day of classes, or shortly thereafter. Students will be notified by phone and/or student email when a course is cancelled.

Financial Planning and Payment Deadlines from the Business Office

For information regarding the Business Office payment plans or policies visit the Business Office web pages. Financial Planning Forms can be downloaded from the Business Office webpage under Forms for Download. If you have any questions regarding your student account, meal plans, or bookstore charge (textbooks) account, please contact the Business Office at

Cancellations and Withdrawals

Students canceling their schedule and/or not returning to the University are strongly encourage to schedule an in person or phone interview with the Office of Student Retention.  An exit interview helps students in completing the process for all exit requirements.  The Office of Student Retention can be reached at 210-436-3995 or via email at

For further registration assistance, contact

  • The Registrar’s Office, St. Louis Hall, Room 104,, 210-436-3701
  • Academic Advising, Graciela Lopez-Fuentes, Director, St. Louis Hall, Room 105,, 210-436-3736.
  • Graduate Admissions, Reinbolt Hall Room 104,, 210-436-3101
  • Help Desk, Charles L. Cotrell Learning Commons (Blume Library-1st Floor) or Charles Francis Hall 1st Floor,, 210-431-HELP(4357)