Marianist Leadership Program

The Marianist Leadership Program has existed for almost 15 years and is designed to provide 65 students with educational and experiential opportunities focused on faith and leadership within the five pillars of the Marianist Charism – Faith, Mission, Mary, Inclusivity, and Community. Members will have the opportunity to live in a Living Learning community in Anthony Frederick Hall and also take SMC classes together to engage in deeper thought around faith in action. Additionally, members will attend weekly gatherings in which they engage in a curriculum that incorporates scripture, Marianist values, leadership development, and social justice. The Marianist Leadership Program at its core strives to serve those around them, build community, and share the Marianist spirit with all those with whom we come in contact.

The Marianist Leadership Program is a diverse community and is searching for students from any academic discipline. The program members are primarily Roman Catholic but accept those from any faith background. We are vibrant faith community that loves to eat together, pray together, and most importantly laugh together!

If you would like to hear more about the Marianist Leadership Program, please contact Brian Buchmeyer in the Civic Engagement and Career Development Center through email or phone (210)-436-3102.

Applications are no longer being accepted for spring 2016. Please check back for fall 2016 application deadlines. 

St. Marys students take a selfie with the Marianist Sisters

Students take a selfie with Marianist Sisters

Each member that fulfills the yearly obligations of the Marianist Leadership Program receives the Marianist Leadership Scholarship. The time requirements of the Marianist Leadership Program varies depending on the time of year but usually requires about 5-7 hours a week. The  minimum G.P.A the program requires is a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Applications are no longer being accepted for spring 2016. Please check back for fall 2016 application deadlines. 

Who should apply?

Applications are no longer being accepted for spring 2016. Please check back for fall 2016 application deadlines. 

MLP is open to all students regardless of major. Approximately fifteen students per year are admitted to the Marianist Leadership Program. At least three openings are reserved each year for persons who have attended a high school educating in the Marianist tradition or who have attended Marianist LIFE.

The requirements to receive this scholarship include, but are not limited to the following: 

Living-learning Community

Members of the Program live in community within the Anthony Frederick Residence Hall.  This Hall, the Marianist Heritage House, includes a community room where Program participants lead morning and evening prayer, serve as Resident Assistants, and offer educational programming to all Residents, including non-Program residents.

Immersion Trips

Students attend LA immersion

Students attend LA immersion

Members within the program have the opportunity to attend a number of immersion trips around the country that cultivate and foster a deeper understanding an understanding of Catholic social justice. Locations of the immersion trips include: Los Angeles, California; Dayton Ohio; St. Louis, Missouri; Denver Colorado; Memphis, Tennessee; and many more!

Weekly Gatherings

The weekly gathering is focused on a curriculum that connects scripture, Marianist values, leadership development, and social justice to the student’s long term service projects in the community.

Semi-annual Retreats

Members participate in a fall retreat focused on faith and community development and a spring retreat specializing in each classification’s specific developmental needs.


Marianist Living Communities

Member meet weekly in a Marianist Living Community to discuss their faith and mission as a community. Members are invited to make a yearlong commitment as a lay Marianist community at the end of the semester.


Service and Civic Engagement

The Marianist Leadership Program is part of the Civic Engagement and Career Development Center, the primary resource for all service opportunities on campus. The Marianist Leadership Program works through civic engagement to foster a sense of servant-leadership. Students are encouraged to engage in any of the multitude of service projects, either on a one-time basis or in smaller time increments over a longer period of time. The Marianist Leadership Program members also serve as leaders of Continuing the Heritage, an event that brings together over 800 students, alumni, faculty, staff and administration to offer over 3,500 hours of service to the San Antonio community. CTH-Spring14

Applications are no longer being accepted for spring 2016. Please check back for fall 2016 application deadlines. 

Included below is the application which requires a current resume and completed essay questions. In two pages or less, please answer the follow essay questions as part of the application:

• Who you are, tell us your story. What makes you, you?
• What has shaped and continues to shape your character?
• What role does play faith in your life?
• How have you built community in your school, neighborhood, parish, or nonprofit?
• How do you understand leadership and in what ways have you demonstrated leadership?

You must provide one reference that is not related to you. (Ex: Parish member, high school teacher or staff member, community member.) Please click on the Reference tab in the navigation bar to submit a reference.