Residence Life

Residence hall at St. Mary'sStudents in the cafeteria

Welcome to Residence Life at St. Mary’s University, an on-campus living experience that is more than a place for you to sleep at night. Our residence halls are a place that you can call home, while getting a quality education both inside and out of the classroom.

Living on campus can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your lifetime. It’s an opportunity to meet people who will become lifelong friends, a chance to discover more about yourself and a time for new challenges. Freshmen benefit from the University’s requirement to live on campus during the first year. Local freshman students may opt to remain at home, but everyone is encouraged to seriously consider the advantages of residence life.

St. Mary’s currently has 12 residence halls that provide students with a home away from home. Freshmen are generally assigned to Founders Hall or Dougherty Hall, unless they are a part of a special community such as the Honors Program, Marianist Leadership Program, or Science Living Community. Transfer students have additional options.

With the help of our wonderful student centered staff you can experience what it means to thrive and develop in a supportive educational community. You’ll have the opportunity to meet students from around the world, develop life-long friendships, and share experiences with your community that will help you grow personally, academically, and spiritually.

For more information about living on-campus and our Residence Life program, feel free to contact us at or 210-431-4312.

The Office of Residence Life at St. Mary’s University is a component of the Student Development Division and is shaped by Marianist traditions. The mission of the Office of Residence Life is to provide residence halls that are communities which develop students’ life skills and personal responsibility and serve as transitional environments to future roles and service to society.

Founders Hall

Shaped by Marianist Traditions

Our mission is shaped by Marianist traditions, so we strive to educate students as individuals; foster awareness of personal values and moral responsibility; invoke a dialogical family spirit; and create a community of faith.

Provide Residence Halls that are Communities

Residence halls must provide a physical environment in which community can grow. Within the Marianist tradition, a community is viewed as an extended family. The community within the residence halls offers a variety of different relationships among various populations. The community includes and is supported by staff, faculty, administrators, family and friends. Respect for individual differences and the understanding of diversity are key elements in development of community in the residence halls at St. Mary’s University.

Develop Students’ Life Skills and Personal Responsibility

Living on campus provides many opportunities to discover and develop one’s own gifts and talents. The Office of Residence Life works with residents to cultivate these gifts and talents into life skills. Residents will face challenges of personal responsibility as they mature into independent adults. Embracing the University’s academic endeavor to create students who are intellectual and critical thinkers, the residence halls provide a challenging, yet supportive environment for the residents’ development and growth.

Serve as Transitional Environments to Future Roles and Service to Society

The residence halls are but a foundation to a life beyond St. Mary’s University. Residents will discover a variety of leadership opportunities that will become essential for future roles. Involvement in service experiences offered to residents will enable them to become integral, contributing members of society.

Cultural Diversity in the Residence Halls

St. Mary’s University is a diverse community of people from varied racial, ethnic and class backgrounds, national origins, religious and political beliefs, and physical abilities. The Residence Life Office believes that accepting one another and the protection of human dignity enriches life at St. Mary’s in activities, in programs, in the classroom, and in everyday experiences. The goal of the Office of Residence Life is to create an environment of community and individual respect where differences are appreciated and celebrated.