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Image of students studying in the Learning Assistance CenterWe encourage and welcome faculty and staff to use our writing services. Send us your syllabi, assignments and writing guidelines — providing us with course material helps us to better prepare for your students’ visits. We can help you work writing, and the Writing Center, into your syllabi. If there are special issues you would like your students to address when they visit the Writing Center, we can focus tutorials on those topics.

Class visits to the Writing Center are a great opportunity to introduce your students to our services. Please call in advance to reserve and time and see what we have to offer.

We also offer in-class presentations and workshops on all aspects of the writing process, from planning and time management to citation and revision. We can also offer advice on combating plagiarism.

Some professors require their students to bring assignments to the Writing Center or offer them extra credit for doing so. We encourage you to speak with us ahead of time so we can better prepare for these tutorials. Also, we can provide you with Writing Center referral slips so that you can give us specific instructions to help your students.

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