About the Community for Teaching and Learning

The Community for Teaching and Learning (CTL) fosters a supportive community for faculty to strengthen teaching and learning at St. Mary’s University. As such, we aim to build the collective knowledge of teaching and learning among all faculty including tenure, untenured, visiting, adjunct and lecturers.

professor smiling while looking at laptop
theology professor lecturing to class full of students


CTL provides programs and resources dedicated to teaching pedagogical foundations and advances campus conversations about teaching and learning, research-based pedagogical methods, and innovative teaching and learning practices informed by cultural contexts impacting our world and higher education.

Our goal is to:

  • Promote diversity and inclusion
  • Support innovative teaching and learning practices
  • Engage faculty in conversations about pedagogy and higher education
  • Advance best practices in pedagogical endeavors from curriculum development to instruction to assessment
  • Promote faculty professional development


CTL is committed to:

  • Adaptability and change in response to emerging trends
  • A culture of collaboration and innovation
  • Inclusive and equity pedagogies
  • Scholarly teaching
  • Meaningful life-long student learning
  • Creating a culture of inclusion and acceptance
  • The continued improvement of teaching and learning at StMU
  • Bringing together the Characteristics of Marianist Education with successful and engaging pedagogy
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