The Mission

The San Antonio and Texas Católico: West Side Parish Project is tofurther the study of the history of Catholic Church in San Antonio and Texas, with a focus on the Latino experience and a special, though not exclusive, interest in parish history, life and culture. It fosters faculty and student reach projects, promotes the collection and digitizing of parish histories and sponsors seminars.  These endeavors seek a deeper appreciation of the work of Church leaders and the faithful in preserving and enhancing the Catholic faith tradition in the city and region.

Inaugural Event

On Friday, Oct. 4, the Center for Catholic Studies will bring together scholars and lay and religious members of San Antonio’s Westside parishes interested in documenting parish histories for a consultation. Principal investigators Drs. Gerald Poyo and Gilberto Hinojosa, with support of Center for Catholic Studies, will lay the groundwork for the convocation which will involve identifying participants, establishing relationships with parishes, learning about their archival holdings and introducing St. Mary’s Center for Catholic Studies to the surrounding community.  More information will be coming soon. 


More information on digital archives for this project will be coming soon.

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