The Presidential Award is presented to students who exemplify leadership, service and academic excellence. The award honors those who have demonstrated a service to society, participated in co-curricular activities, promoted a positive influence in promotion of the St. Mary’s mission, and possess the knowledge and skills to be an effective leader.

2021 Presidential Award Recipients

Andrea Aldaz

Andrea Maresa Aldaz

B.S. in Biochemistry
El Paso, Texas

“As an undergraduate, I was able to expand my research experience, better acquaint myself with medical advancements and participate in an applied laboratory setting.”

Fernando Amans

Fernando Alberto Amans

B.B.A. in Finance and Risk Management
Trujillo La Libertad, Peru

“When I first arrived in the United States, I was scared and overwhelmed. At St. Mary’s University, I instantly felt welcomed, providing me with a sense of purpose and belonging.”

Steven Castillo

Steven Alfred Rudy Castillo

B.S. in Biology
Amarillo, Texas

“The themes of Catholic Social Teaching helped instill in my character a habitual act of reflection, analysis, critical thinking and problem solving for the common good.”

Laura Dicún

Laura Dicún

B.B.A. in Management
Junín, Argentina

“I participated in and promoted events that connected business with a Marianist approach, and now, as an alumna, I am active in a Marianist Lay Community where I share the value and importance of Catholic and Marianist education.”

Kathryn Drees

Kathryn Clare Drees

B.A. in Biology
Boerne, Texas

“The Marianist family spirit has been a huge part of my experience, and I am eager to share my ideas and talents with the community around me as I continue to medical school.”

Allison Grijalva

Allison A. Grijalva

B.A. in Political Science
San Antonio, Texas

“The Marianist Charism and Characteristics have shown me that to be a warrior of service, justice and peace means to be radical like Mary. It means to love in an unapologetically fierce way.”

Samantha McCoy

Samantha McCoy

Doctor of Jurisprudence
Bloomington, Indiana

“The St. Mary’s University community is made up of like-minded, empathic individuals who are passionate about making positive changes in our legal system. I am grateful to be immersed in a legal education with professors dedicated to social justice.”

Adam Nerio

Mark “Adam” Nerio

M.A. in Public History
San Antonio, Texas

“I have developed a greater appreciation of giving back to the community as a result of the strong emphasis St. Mary’s University
has on volunteer activity.”

Alain Peralt

Alain Patrick Peralt

B.S. in Forensic Science
Mountain Home, Texas

“Over the course of my four-year journey at St. Mary’s University, I was introduced to many incredible people who helped me grow into the man I am today. It brings me a lot of joy to look back and see how far I have come to this point.”

Angela Perez

Angela Perez

B.A. in Political Science
Mission, Texas

“Since my first day, I knew this was where I was meant to be. I have developed personal relationships with my professors that have enriched my education and shaped my future career goals.”

Luis Puerto

Luis Antonio Rodriguez Puerto

B.B.A. in Finance and Risk Management
Tegucigalpa Francisco Morazan, Honduras

“St. Mary’s University has become a second home and definitely the people in the University have become my family. Not only that, but this experience has given me tools that, in the process, made me a more confident person.”

Ana Saravia

Ana Paula Saravia

B.A. in Economics and Mathematics
Lima, Peru

“St. Mary’s has trained me to continue learning and, while it has answered many questions I had when I started college, now I have new questions to answer in graduate school.”

Zyania Seijas

Zyania Sofia Seijas

B.B.A. in Finance and Risk Management, and Management
Ciudad Juárez, Mexico

“I can only describe myself as blessed. My education has shaped the way I see the world and my place in it.”

Josemaria Soriano

Josemaria Sebastian Soriano

M.S. in Engineering Systems Management
Lima, Peru

“I knew I wanted to dedicate my life to defeating poverty, but I didn’t know how to do it. After my time at St. Mary’s, my path is clear.”

Andrew Tran

Andrew Khoa Tran

B.B.A. in Accounting and Data Analytics
San Antonio, Texas

“Not only was my own life transformed from the experiences and opportunities St. Mary’s had to offer, but the Marianist values inspired me to transform the lives of others.”

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