A gift greater than gold

They didn’t talk much about it; it wasn’t something either of them brought up. Eusebio “E.J.” Tamez’s little brother, Luis, was diagnosed with end-stage kidney disease in 2016 and, soon after, started dialysis. Yet the brothers kept their relationship close without discussing Luis’ condition.

On the rise, together

Lynda Ellis’ first rule of leadership is to connect personally with employees and clients, to always ask what they need, and what is — or isn’t — working.

Her Own Boss

When she was a little girl, Chantel Avila (B.B.A. ’15) wanted to be a lawyer like the character Elle Woods in the movie Legally Blonde. But Avila didn’t want to be a lawyer — she just really loved the character’s extensive wardrobe. At age 9, Avila asked her mom to buy her a sketch pad that she quickly filled with drawings of clothing designs.

Engineering alumna continues to win big at H-E-B

Shortly after Jessica Johnson (B.S. ’09, M.S. ’11) came to St. Mary’s University, she set a goal for herself: win “Industrial Engineering Student of the Year” her senior year. To achieve that goal, Johnson would have to put in hard work — and lots of it.

Advocate for Education

Stefanie Ramirez (B.A. ’14) embodies one of St. Mary’s most notable core values: service to others. Ramirez is committed to ensuring every child in America has access to and receives a quality education.

Ideas and Opportunities

Paula Gold-Williams believes in being ready to take on whatever challenges life throws her way. She has guided her career with a balance of careful preparation and a willingness to take chances, and earlier this year, it really paid off.

All Wrapped in One: Tacos and Social Justice

Eddie Vega, a self-proclaimed taco aficionado, is often on the hunt for Texas’ best tacos. When he’s not doing that, Vega can be found performing poetry at open mic nights around San Antonio.

Not Alone: Stepping up for Social Justice

It was a cool February morning in Norfolk, Virginia, in 1959 when 15-year-old Louis Cousins Sr. (B.A. ’90) and his mother climbed the steps to the entrance of Maury High School.

Brews and Bros

What started as a friendship among St. Mary’s classmates — and a shared love of brewing beer — has turned into Busted Sandal Brewing Company, which opened in San Antonio in 2013.

Modern-Day Renaissance Man

Anthony Quesada (B.S. ’16) is something of a renaissance man. In his four years at St. Mary’s University, he was a tutor, dancer, singer and, according to the numbers, an outstanding medical scholar.

Good Fortune and Karma

Kristal Cuevas quit her corporate job and found her calling in a yoga studio. Eager for a change of pace away from the fluorescent lights and 9-to-5 office setting, she started a retail job. Cuevas enjoyed the position, but it wasn’t until she attended a yoga class that she discovered her calling.

Lasting bonds of brotherhood and barbecue

Jeff Rankin (B.S. ’15) has formed life-changing bonds throughout his life: in the Air Force, at St. Mary’s University, and even during barbecue cooking competitions.

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