Lasting bonds of brotherhood and barbecue

Jeff Rankin (B.S. ’15) has formed life-changing bonds throughout his life: in the Air Force, at St. Mary’s University, and even during barbecue cooking competitions.

Young alumna recognized for outstanding leadership

Jenna L. Saucedo-Herrera’s rise in the ranks at CPS Energy – which is the largest publicly owned utility in the United States – is nothing short of meteoric.

Diplomat urges graduates to give back

St. Mary’s University alumna Ariel Vaagen (M.S. ’06), Deputy Director of the Office of International Media Engagement for the U.S. Department of State, was keynote speaker at the 15th annual Fall Commencement in December.

A Rewarding Risk

Some of the joys — and frustrations — that can come soon after college include buying a new car or home. And following these major purchases is buying insurance, which today is touted as being as easy as making a few clicks or a phone call.

Common People, Uncommon Activism

In the 1950s, a Texas school district was forcing Mexican-American students to repeat the first grade three times. When alum Enrique Aleman Jr., Ph.D., uncovered his own mother’s childhood fight in this battle against inequality, he decided to chronicle the historic struggle.

The Punk Rock Scientist

Questioning authority. Thinking independently. Not accepting things at face value. These themes are found in punk rock music, which Jason Torres (B.A. ’07) began listening to in high school. Little did he know that his interest in the genre would, in some ways, later inspire his future in science.

All in the Family

When Vanessa Chan (M.A. ’98) was a young mother and graduate student at St. Mary’s University in the 1990s, she often had to bring along her fourth grader and preschooler to study groups in the Blume Library.

The Good Doctor

Every year, thousands of children come from miles around rural Taos, New Mexico, to see Sylvia Villarreal, M.D., (B.A. ’72). And each one of those young lives is special to the woman commonly known as Dr. V.

An American Dream

Judy Reyes (B.A. ’01) was just 4 when her family moved to the Texas border town of Mission from Mexico. Her dad, a professor in Mexico, stayed behind and visited on weekends, while her mom worked in a convenience store.

Tweet, Post, Repeat.

Just a few years after graduating from St. Mary’s University, Erika Rendon (B.B.A. ’12) is doing things she only dreamed of as a student.

St. Mary’s alumnus named chief criminal investigator for the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office

Willie Ng (M.P.A. ’10) recently became chief criminal investigator for the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office after more than 20 years in law enforcement. He’s also the CEO of Blue Armor Security, a successful and growing security services company he founded in 2003.

We Are Chameleons

On any given day, Anamaria Suescun-Fast (B.A. ’91) could be talking about water quality, groceries or diaper rash cream. But that’s life in a marketing agency. “We are chameleons, and we have to work on all cylinders,” she said.

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