Program of Study

Admission is granted only to those with high promise for success in graduate study. Potential may be demonstrated by significant professional experience, previous schooling, and test scores recorded within the past five years on the GRE.

A minimum GPA of 3.1 is acceptable, with special consideration given to course work in the broad field of Communication Studies. Generally, students must provide acceptable test scores at the time of enrollment. If students are otherwise highly qualified, they may take the GRE during their first semester of enrollment with continued enrollment contingent upon test results.

At least 36 hours and a comprehensive written examination and oral defense are required for graduation. All students in Communication Studies must take nine hours of required courses. Students select an additional 15 hours in Communication Studies and 12 elective hours from any graduate program subject to the approval of the Graduate Program Director. Six hours of thesis credit will be counted towards the degree requirements of those individuals choosing to write a thesis.