St. Mary’s University School of Humanities and Social Sciences junior Luis Martinez was awarded a 2014 Middlebury Language Schools full scholarship in March. Martinez is the first student from St. Mary’s accepted into and to attend the prestigious summer language immersion program.

The scholarship provides students with tuition, room and board to attend a seven or eight-week intensive language program over the summer. Martinez will participate in the eight-week intensive Japanese language program this summer.

“The Middlebury summer language programs are nationally recognized for quality language instruction,” Languages Department chair Mark Lokensgard, Ph.D. said.  “Their famous Language Pledge requires all participants to only speak the studied language during the entire duration of the program, including outside of class.”

“I am very delighted that he got the scholarship,” Japanese language professor Flordelia Balite said. “If there is anyone who deserves this award, it is Luis.”

Martinez is a Music major and has consistently placed on the Dean’s List with honors.

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