When Raul Tovar was producing and broadcasting St. Mary’s Rattlers Internet broadcasts as a student, he didn’t quite anticipate his next move being similar work at ESPN, but that’s exactly what happened. The sports-programming giant hired Tovar (B.A. ’12) in January as a technical operator, less than a year after graduating from St. Mary’s.

“For me, ESPN is a dream come true,” said Tovar, who spent three years working alongside his brother, David, for St. Mary’s Athletics broadcasts. “To go from watching it on TV one day to being there the next, well, it is something that I never imagined would happen to me.”

Tovar credits his time at St. Mary’s, plus the help of mentor and good friend Kathe Lehman-Meyer, director of the Academic Media Center, for making the move to ESPN possible.

“My goal was to make sports a career,” he said. “To me this just feels like a great opportunity to make my dream a reality, and to continue to learn the different sides of sports entertainment. I would encourage everyone to pursue their goals and dreams, because you never know where life can take you.”

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