Law professor advocates for access to water as a basic human right

While other little girls would have been throwing tea parties for their dolls, a young Hardberger and her dad, former San Antonio Mayor Phil Hardberger, would run outside in the rain and dance in what she described as impromptu “thunder parties.”

Man of Mexico

Roberto Rosas’ résumé is impressive: consultant to the Mexican government on public administration projects, the CEO of a business consulting firm, a business manager, a former engineer for Kodak, and a canon lawyer.

Politics, Race and Numbers

Let me start by tossing a few numbers at you. In the November 2012 presidential election, 68 percent of eligible black voters cast a ballot, compared to 64 percent of eligible white voters.

Law Grad Looks to Move People Back to the City

Terry Mitchell (J.D. ‘83) doesn’t want to talk about the woeful realities of modern city living, like stark landscapes and excessive traffic snarls.

Law Alum Says No to Graffiti, Yes to Giving Back

Burke Marold (J.D., MBA ’11) is a young, entrepreneurial attorney full of ideas and plans for the future. He is taking it upon himself to stimulate corporate philanthropy in the legal community, and he intends to do it leading

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