Speakers, Lectures and Events

St. Mary’s University students benefit from a diverse group of national speakers and guest lecturers as well as myriad opportunities to serve the community. Each spring and fall semester, Continuing the Heritage Day of Service brings together the University community to serve various community projects, including graffiti abatement, yard work, packaging and delivering food and clothing for the poor, and working with children. This is just one of many opportunities awaiting students at St. Mary’s.

Community Conversations

The Community Conversations series, a public issues forum series, is a part of the Institute for Public Administration, Politics and Public Policy. One of the primary goals of the Institute is to develop outreach programs that foster dialogue between the University, the public, government agencies and nonprofits to address important public issues.

The Lin Great Speakers Series

The Lin Great Speakers Series is presented to the public as a community service. The lectures are made possible by an endowment established in memory of Shu-Chi Lin by his widow, Mrs. Chang Le-Chiao Lin, and their son, Vincent Lin, Ph.D., a St. Mary’s alumnus and former faculty member. Lectures feature Nobel laureates and other distinguished speakers who represent music and the arts, science, engineering, technology and medicine, humanities and global interests, and economics, business and law. Topics of lectures have included health care, interfaith dialogue and the challenges of globalization.

The Forum on Entrepreneurship Breakfast Series

The Forum on Entrepreneurship Breakfast Series is a partnership between St. Mary’s University and the San Antonio business community. The purpose of the Entrepreneurship Breakfast Series is to advance entrepreneurial activities in San Antonio and promote the development of student scholarships at St. Mary’s. The series was started in 1986 by Bro. Paul Goelz, S.M., Ph.D. It is conducted by the Meadows Center for Entrepreneurship Studies within the Bill Greehey School of Business at St. Mary’s University. Speakers include a variety of business newsmakers from both the local area and state.

The President’s Peace Commission

The President’s Peace Commission fosters an ethical commitment to participate in the establishment of world peace and social justice. Established in 1984, the Commission encourages respect for human rights and dignity of all people, and annually hosts symposia offering opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to grow in their active pursuit of peace and justice. Through the symposia and other activities, the Commission seeks to build within the St. Mary’s University community a greater awareness of the Roman Catholic and Marianist perspectives on peace and justice. The President’s Peace Commission reflects the University community through student, staff, and faculty representatives appointed by the University President. Topics of PPC events have included bioethics, peace through conflict resolution, human trafficking and the world post-Sept. 11.

Catholic Intellectual Tradition Lecture Series

Each year the University invites men and women who have shaped the Catholic Intellectual Tradition to come to St. Mary’s, and to share their knowledge and participate in conversations, not only within the University, but with the wider community in San Antonio and beyond. The Catholic Intellectual Tradition is at the heart of the educational enterprises at St. Mary’s University, because it is an intellectual tradition with a heart. It is what we do within the University community, within the ecclesial community, and within the civic community. The love of learning that drives this tradition is moved by the desire to understand and live our Catholic faith, and also by a hunger for all knowledge of truth and practiced goodness.

Las Américas Letters

The mission of Las Américas Letters Series in Literature and the Arts is to encourage empowerment through creativity and cultural understanding by bridging the Americas through the work of authors, artists, painters, musicians, scholars and educators.