St. Mary’s University School of Law was selected by The National Jurist magazine as one of the 2012 Best Value Law schools in the U.S.

The September issue of The National Jurist named 47 law schools across the country who best met criteria deeming them the best legal education for the value. St. Mary’s is one of two private institutions on the list and the only private institution in Texas.

St. Mary’s received a grade of B+ and is one of 18 law schools with a weighted employment rate above 85 percent. The National Jurist determined this rate by using the detailed employment data released by the American Bar Association, assigning  full weight to full-time, long-term bar passage-required employment and calculating all other employment at lower percentages.

The formula used  to determine which law schools made the Best Value ranking included this criteria:

  1. bar pass rate;
  2. percentage of employed graduates;
  3. average indebtedness upon graduation; and
  4. tuition and living costs.
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