College is a time for exploration. It gives young minds time to discover their passions, examine their beliefs, and glimpse different cultures and ways of life. For years, students at St. Mary’s have travelled across the pond to participate in the University’s London Semester Program.

One of the most exciting aspects of the London Semester Program is the opportunity to travel. In London, where students live and study, they learn new expressions like “mind the gap” (that small space between the subway platform and the train) and “not cricket” (unfair) – and most take advantage of their location by taking day or weekend trips to other parts of England, or even to other countries.

Ali Meyer, an International Relations major, participated in the London Semester Program. Ali visited places like Stonehenge and Bath. Through St. Mary’s partnership with the Foundation of International Education (FIE), students take classes with British faculty.

“One thing that has been so amazing about being in London and taking classes is that we are in Zone One of London, one of the most hip and happening places to go out, eat, and shop,” Ali wrote.

Veronica Lopez, another International Relations major, also went to London. Along with all of the usual tourist attractions in London, Veronica travelled to the Netherlands and Spain, while making plans to see Italy, France and Ireland. But even though she went to plays, saw Buckingham Palace, and ate fish and chips, there was so much more of London to experience.

“For those history lovers, there are historical sites around almost every corner,” Veronica wrote in her guest blog post. “Let it not be said that London is a serious or boring city; there is something for everyone to see and enjoy.”

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