San Antonio – The rain certainly made an impact on the Trinity Women’s Tennis Quad Tournament this weekend, causing for the cancelation of double’s action Saturday. But of the tennis that did get in, tiebreakers dominated the play, with Kelly Cooper, Cimen Soy and Rachel Gutierrez all going the distance at Trinity.
Cooper (Jr., San Antonio) defeated Erin Jamison 6-3, 2-6, 10-6 in Flight 2 action, while Cimen Soy (Sr., Gothenburg, Sweden) was edged by Ivana Katavic 6-4, 2-6, 10-7 in the top flight.
Meanwhile, Gutierrez (So., San Antonio) fell to Carolina Vela 6-3, 1-6, 12-10.
“We know what we need to work on now,” Cooper said. “We’ll probably practice more tiebreakers during practice because that’s important. You work hard to come back but you can’t pull it off if you don’t win the tiebreaker. That’s what our whole fall season is, getting us ready for the spring.”
The results that have been made can be found below:
IVANA KATAVIC DEFEATS CIMEN SOY                                     6-4                          2-6                          10-7
MEGAN JACKSON DEFEATS HOUNG HUYNH                                        6-2                          6-1
CIMEN SOY DEFEATS GRETCHEN TRAUTMAN                      6-3                          6-4
HOUNG HUYNH DEFEATS KYLIE HORNBECK                                          6-3                          6-4
JENNIFER BETANCOURT DEFEATS KELLY COOPER                               7-5                          7-6
KELLY COOPER DEFEATS ERIN JAMISON                                 6-3                          2-6                          10-6
ELISHA BRYANT DEFEATS KATHLEEN LUNDQUIST                               6-3                          6-3
ARIANNA ROSE DEFEATS ANITA QUERSHI                                             6-0                          6-4
ANITA QUERSHI DEFEATS NICOLE REMLING                                         6-3                          6-3
CAROLINA VELA DEFEATS RACHEL GUTIERREZ                    6-3                          1-6                          12-10
LAURA ROA DEFEATS RACHEL GUTIERREZ                                             6-2                          6-2
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