San Antonio–For the last two years the St. Mary’s University men’s soccer program has been blessed with not just one, but two top-flight goalkeepers. Both have been honored by the Heartland Conference for their play. While on the field they compete for the starting spot, off the field they are roommates and best friends. Recently the two sat down and talked about their experiences at St. Mary’s, their love of soccer helping each other.

How much pressure did you feel starting in your first game, in your first season?
I was extremely nervous freshman year because coach told me that he was counting on me a lot.

When you were hurt last year did you have any advice for Jayson when he took over?
I didn’t have to tell Jayson anything because I already knew that he was ready to step in and play well. I knew he would play hard and keep the guys in line.

Did you feel any more pressure than normal taking over for Brett?
Not too much. I had gotten my confidence up earlier in the season when Brett was hurt before. Confidence-wise I think that my first game I was a little shaky, but after that I settled in and I was fine.

Your first official victory came against UTPB, your former university.  Did that make it special for you?
Yes; it was my first start since 2004 when I was at UTPB. So it have been three years since I made a college start. It was really good.

What are some of the major stereotypes that soccer players face?
“Soccer players are not athletes.”
Brett: A lot of people don’t think we’re real athletes, but I mean the other day at practice, we ran to the point where five-six guys were puking and some of us were getting symptoms of dehydration.
Jayson: People that tell me that I just think, ‘you couldn’t last at one of our practices.’ I don’t care how big or strong you are.  If you came out to one of our practices, you’re are not going to be able to do the running, to keep up with the conditioning.

What are your thoughts about David Beckham? Do you like him, or do you feel he is overrated?
I like Beckham. He has made the best of what he has. He is a little overrated, but he is still a world-class player. It looks like he is superstar when he plays here in America just because the talent is not as up to par as it is overseas, but even there he was still one of the best players in the league, whichever one that happens to be.

Have you been able to go to any Major League Soccer (MLS) games, or any international friendlies?
I’ve been to one international friendly at the Alamodome. It was Mexico and Grenada.
Jayson: The 14-0 game?
Brett: Yeah. It was terrible. I felt so bad for them. Mexico just killed them, but it was a cool atmosphere at the game.
Jayson: I’ve been to one MLS game, at Blossom Stadium here in town.

So, the two of you are roommates. Does that lead to any competition on the field?
I don’t think it has really even been an issue. We’ve known each other since high school and we have gotten along. We went to rival high schools (Judson and Clemens).

What movie characters best describes your relationship best?
(laughing) Is this even a question; Harry Dunn and Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber. Actually what’s pretty funny is Jayson got a moped, and last year I got left at the field and I had to ride back on his moped with him in front of everyone, the entire softball team, girls soccer team, girls basketball.

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