San Antonio-The San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, in a unique economic partnership with St. Mary’s University, is proud to announce the creation of the Strategic Alliance for Business and Economic Research (SABÉR) Institute. SABÉR translated in Spanish means knowledge.

The Institute will provide economic research services and business information that will facilitate business growth and long-term economic development in San Antonio and relevant trade regions throughout the world; and conduct and disseminate research that advances economic knowledge and translates to program and policy development. With a global perspective, it is the aim of the Institute to become a leading research and educational resource on regional economic development, university-based economic development within neighborhoods, the economics of the Hispanic market, and the expanding creative economy.

“Partnering with the Hispanic Chamber on this project aligns with the academic mission of St. Mary’s,” said St. Mary’s University President Charles L. Cotrell, Ph.D. “Our students will have hands on experience with economic development projects, research and internship opportunities that will benefit their education and future careers.”

The SABÉR Institute will be led by Steve Nivin, Ph.D., Director and Chief Economist, who has more than 12 years experience in regional economic research and forecasting. “Dr. Nivin was a tremendous resource to me during my tenure at the City of San Antonio, and in his new role as our Chief Economist, he will raise the economic research capacity and value to our more than 1,000 members during a very dynamic time. Dr. Nivin and I worked together to recruit/expand Toyota, Microsoft, Rackspace, the NSA, Culinary Institute of America, DPT Labs, and many others during our previous tenures, and I am confident that he will serve the Hispanic Chamber membership exceptionally,” said Ramiro A. Cavazos, President & CEO of the Hispanic Chamber.

Nivin, an assistant professor of economics at St. Mary’s University, was also named director of the St. Mary’s University Neighborhood Revitalization Project, which will be a major focus of the Institute. The Hispanic Chamber and St. Mary’s are also working together, as well as with other city and community groups, on the neighborhood revitalization for University Park and parts of the Jefferson/Woodlawn Lake, Prospect Hill, Loma Vista, Memorial Heights, Loma Park and Third World neighborhoods.

All Hispanic Chamber members will receive an exclusive economic (monthly) survey, of research that the Institute will generate through the initial dissemination of the Monthly Economic Report which provides an in-depth look at the local, state, and U.S. economies. Additionally, the SABÉR Institute will provide Hispanic Chamber members with an in-house economist for their individual business requests.

With the addition of this service, the Hispanic Chamber continues to be San Antonio’s leading advocate for small businesses. In its 80 years, the Hispanic Chamber has led the fight for the first city’s small business ordinance, led trade missions to Mexico to promote free trade, appointed the first Hispanic woman to CPS Energy, & is now the only chamber with an economist on staff.

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