The Marianist Trust Board of St. Mary’s University has allocated more than $371,000 to St. Mary’s University scholarships and programs for the 2007-08 academic year.

Most of the funding will be used for scholarships, with $298,000 dedicated to undergraduate scholarships and $44,500 for graduate scholarships. The University’s Marianist Leadership Program will receive $23,328. Continuing the Heritage, which is a twice-yearly project that brings faculty, staff, students, alumni and university neighbors together to help others through community service, will receive $5,400.

The Marianist Trust was set up in the 1970s by members of the Society of Mary who were working at St. Mary’s University. For many years, these Marianists contributed their salaries to a special fund with the idea that the earning from the fund would be used to help the University fulfill its mission. Each year, the Trust board meets to allocate the fund’s earnings.

“The Marianist Trust was formed many years ago with the goal of furthering the values of faith, service and education by supporting the mission of St. Mary’s University. Thanks to the many generous gifts from the Trust over the years, outstanding St. Mary’s students receive financial assistance for an education that prepares them to become professional and civic leaders with their own dedication to service,” said University President Charles L. Cotrell, Ph.D.

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