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Spanish professor helps immigrants in San Antonio through innovative course

Of 2.3 million people living in San Antonio, more than 295,000 are immigrants, and about 175,000 are potentially at risk of deportation, according to the Vera Institute of Justice.

Big Solve: Educating Beyond the Test

This year, a former student, now a middle school teacher, approached me about a pupil who had confided in him about having thoughts of self-harm. This was not the first time I heard the issue of mental stress in teenagers.

Some books to keep you company this summer

Tired of being cooped up indoors this summer? Here’s a list of Rattler reads to keep you company — books recently written by our very own St. Mary’s University alumni, professors and staff.

English Instructor champions Mexican American studies in University, K-12 schools

Every semester, Margaret Cantú-Sanchez, Ph.D. (B.A. ’06, M.A. ’07), hears students say, “I’ve never read anything by a Mexican American author.” While this shocks her, it is an all too common experience among educators, even in a city as diverse as San Antonio, which is 64% Latino.

New Collaboratory draws History students together to study digital humanities

A study space called the Collaboratory, located on the fifth floor in Chaminade Tower at St. Mary’s University, is bringing together budding minds in the Department of History.

Faculty excellence propels St. Mary’s to be the finest

Faculty excellence drives the successful outcomes for students and the St. Mary’s University community. The short story and quotes below illuminate how faculty members continue to shine through gifts to The Defining Moment Comprehensive Campaign.

Spend your summer with St. Mary’s authors

Have a little free time this summer? Spend your time catching up on Rattler reads — books written by St. Mary’s University alumni, professors and staff.

Psychology professor contributes to child autism research in Zambia

Jillian Pierucci, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology, wants to make the world a more inclusive place — especially through her research in autism awareness, which has brought her more than once to Africa.

Alumna fills in cultural gaps with children’s books – and brings Coco from the big screen to young readers

As a child, Diana López (B.A. ’90) loved to immerse herself in the world of books. But she noticed early on that the characters in the books didn’t look like her or share her last name.

Triplet music grads give back through music

Four years ago and nearly 9,000 miles from San Antonio, the Moipei triplets — Marta, Magdalene (Maggy) and Mary — made the decision to attend St. Mary’s University. “By coming here, I feel like we changed the course of our future,” Maggy said.

Learn to TEACH to Learn

St. Mary’s University Associate Professor Camille Langston, Ph.D., has made a career of teaching college students to develop critical thinking and writing skills that will allow them to succeed after graduation.

Cycling for Literacy

Her first job was at age 9, riding her bike to sell eggs from her family’s farm to neighbors. Her second job was at age 14, working in a library, shelving books and taking care of the card catalog.

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