Physics and Environmental Science

The Department of Physics and Environmental Science at St. Mary’s University offers several majors: Applied Physics, Physics and Environmental Science.

Applied Physics provides an instructional base in physics, engineering, mathematics and computer applications. Graduates are prepared to enter today’s high-technology marketplace.

Physics prepares students with a broad-based view of science, as well as the analytical tools necessary to tackle problems in many different fields.

The Environmental Science program gives students a strong foundation of scientific knowledge and professional skills enabling them to assess a variety of environmental issues and develop and implement solutions.

Special Projects

St. Mary’s University believes that the hands-on experiences of students in both internships and research is an important part of developing prepared and well-rounded graduates.

Additionally, students are encouraged to take part in student leadership opportunities as members of the Society of Physics Students, and to participate in community service projects, including the annual Fiesta of Physics and Environmental Science Extravaganza.

Our students have been paid to do research in places like Brazil, Turkey, Costa Rica and French Polynesia, and many in preparation for medical or graduate school, or industry.

Academic Programs in the Department of Physics and Environmental Science

Applied Physics

Environmental Science


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