St. Mary’s Esports coaches show off the new arena.

St. Mary’s University recognizes that each of us is the result of significant investments others have made in our lives. 

Investments of time, love, faith and money — coming from family, friends and mentors — shape our students’ experiences and access to opportunities.

But these resources are far from evenly spread, representing one of the many forms of social injustice affecting youths in San Antonio and the nation.

These injustices and inequalities hold just as true in the world of esports and competitive PC gaming, in which Black Americans and Latinos are underrepresented in part because of accessibility issues associated with the high costs of equipment and high-speed internet.

As such, and in conjunction with a campus-wide commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, St. Mary’s University Director of Athletics Robert Coleman is excited to announce that the Esports program will open its brand-new Esports Arena Friday, Sept. 18, with a 12-hour fundraising stream to raise funds for local Black Americans and Latinos. 

The virtual grand opening will begin at 11:45 a.m. with a brief opening ceremony, followed by the 12-hour competitive gaming fundraising stream beginning at noon to promote social justice and equality. All donations will go toward scholarships for future Black and Latino students in the Rattler Esports program. 

The event will be livestreamed on the Esports program’s Twitch feed. Join us in closing the digital divide by supporting Black and Latino youth with a donation to the Rattler Esports FANGraiser

“We are so excited to unveil this beautiful arena and to host an important event supporting the Black and Latino communities in the world of esports,” Coleman said. “Over the past year, we have been working with campus leadership to develop a space for our Esports Arena and to provide our students a home for gaming at St. Mary’s. We are really pleased to have an area where students can connect, compete and create community with other student gamers.”

As St. Mary’s prepares to open its doors at the Esports Arena, it does so fully invested in a better tomorrow — for all.  

“Esports is the fastest growing sport in the world, but the gaming industry has just scratched the surface of developing talented young gamers,” Coleman said. “At St. Mary’s, we hope to support and strengthen the diversity and representation that gaming needs so it can reach its full potential.”

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