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The faculty members of the Greehey School of Business continue to promote excellence through research. Our faculty members are academic leaders in each of their prospective fields and have diverse research interests. In 2016, a handful of faculty members published top level publications to numerous journals. The following are the Greehey School faculty members’ most recent publications and presentations:

  • Klavdia Ballard, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Strategic Management, published an article titled “Directors’ Professional Devaluation: The Effects of Stigma of Incompetence and Stigma by Association,” which has been accepted to the 2017 Special Strategic Management Society Conference with the theme “Strategic Human Capital, Management Practices and Performance.”
  • Eileen Wall Mullen, Ph.D., Suzanne N. Cory, Ph.D., and Guillermo Martinez, J.D., recently published an article titled “Ethical Issues and Selling:  Perceptions of Men and Women” in International Journal of Sales, Retailing and Marketing.
  • Feng Zhang, Ph.D., Associate Professor of International Business, recently published an article titled “The Evolution of National Innovation System and Globalization: An Open Innovation Perspective,” accepted by Economics & Business Journal: Inquiries & Perspectives and “Patent Citations and Patent Value: Through the Lens of a Social Network Approach,” presented at the 2016 Academy of Management (AOM) annual conference.
  • Jeffrey E. Johnson, Ph.D., Professor of International Business, along with Pavlos Dimitratos, Emmanuella Plakoyiannaki and Stephen Young, recently published an article titled “SME Internationalization: How Does the Opportunity-Based International Entrepreneurial Culture Matter?” to International Business Review.
  • Sergio Palacios, Ph.D., Visiting Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies, recently presented at the 2016 Decisions Science Institute annual meeting. His presentations included Relationships between M-shopping Service Quality, Value, and M-shopping Acceptance (Palacios, S., Zhang, R. and Jun, M.), Examining e-Shopping Convenience and Its Key Dimensions (Palacios, S. and Jun, M.) and Organizational Moral Development Between 2002 and 2012: An Inter-Sectorial Analysis of Citizenship Reports (Lewis, G., Palacios, S., and Valenzuela, M.).
  • Palacios, along with Gabriella Lewis and Marcus A. Valenzuela, recently published an article titled “Organizational Moral Development Between 2002 and 2012: An Inter-Sectorial Analysis of Citizenship Reportsin the Business and Society Review.
  • Ajaya K. Swain, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Quantitative Management, recently published two articles in the Journal of Information Technology Case and Application Research on big data – “Mining big data to support decision making in healthcare” and “Big data analytics: An expert interview with Bipin Chadha, data scientist for United Services Automobile Association (USAA).” Additionally, Swain’s peer-reviewed conference proceedings and conference presentations include the following:
    • Swain, A. “Leader Authenticity, Behavioral Integrity, and Six Sigma”, Academy of Management (AOM) Annual Meeting proceedings, August 6-9, 2016, Anaheim, California.
    • Swain, A., “Using Big Data Analytics to Make Effective Decisions in Preventive Healthcare Management”, Decision Sciences Institute (DSI) Annual meeting proceedings, November 19-22, Austin, Texas.
    • Swain, A. “Leader Authenticity, Behavioral Integrity, and Six Sigma”, Academy of Management (AOM) Annual Meeting proceedings, August 6-9, Anaheim, California.
    • Swain, A., 2016. “Impact of New Product Development Strategy on Firm Sustainability Performance: A System Dynamics Approach”, Annual Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) Conference, May 6-9, Orlando, Florida.
  • Violeta Diaz, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Finance, recently published an article titled “The Role of Bank Governance on Bank Liquidity Creation,” co-authored with Ying Huang from the University of South Alabama, and was accepted for publication in January in the Journal of Banking and Finance.
  • Richard Priesmyer, Ph.D., Professor of Management, and Stephanie G. Ward, Ph.D.Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Management (along with Suzanne Mudge at Texas A&M San Antonio), recently published an article titled “Emotional Responses to Service Learning: An Exploratory Study” in the Journal of Learning in Higher Education (2016)
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