• Ph.D., University of Arkansas, 1984
  • M.B.A., Southwest Texas State University 1976
  • B.B.A., Texas Tech University, 1973


  • Business Policy
  • Seminar in Management
  • Principles of Business

Research Interests

  • Applications of nonlinear methods in healthcare.
  • Measurement of Human Emotions and effect of Emotions and decision-making and product design.


H. Richard Priesmeyer, Ph.D., teaches courses in Leadership, Strategy and Society at the graduate level and courses in Strategic Management and Management at the undergraduate level in the Greehey School of Business. His primary research track focuses on applications of nonlinear methods in management and the methods he has developed are instrumental in three National Institute of Health (NIH) and Kentucky state grants which address cardiovascular rehabilitation and bipolar disorder.

A second research track relates to the measurement of human emotional responses to product design. One recent application of this research involved measurement of emotions for a major automobile manufacturer in Europe.

His most recent work, which is conducted in conjunction with Biomedical Development Corporation in San Antonio, focuses on the use of nonlinear methods to support digital medicine for individuals diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Priesmeyer has been a consultant to health care organizations for a number of years and he has served as a consultant to some local foundations. He is author of numerous articles on emotions and is author of the book “Organizations and Chaos: Defining the Methods of Nonlinear Management.”


Priesmeyer, R., Mudge, S., Ward, S. (2016). Emotional Responses to Service Learning: An Exploratory Study. Journal of Learning in Higher Education, Fall, 2016.

Priesmeyer, R. (2014). Stoic and Emotional Perspectives in Decision-Making. Academy of Business Research Journal, 3(2014), 28-40.

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Priesmeyer, R., Murray, M. A. (2012). Managing Disruptive Events: How to Create Interdepartmental Responses. American Journal of Health Sciences, 3(1), 23-32.

Priesmeyer, R. (2011). Emotional Components of Unethical Decisions: An Exploratory Study (Full Paper). Journal of College Teaching and Learning, 8(12), 8-18.


  • Distinguished Faculty Award, St. Mary’s University, 1993.
  • Instructional Innovation Award, Western Decision Sciences, 2000.
  • The Donald J. Douglas Award for Innovative Teaching, St. Mary’s Univeristy, 2000.
  • Distinguished Research Award, Allied Academy, 2003.
  • The Donald J. Douglas Award for Innovative Teaching, St. Mary’s Univeristy, 2003.
  • The 1923 Commemorative Research Award, St. Mary’s University, 2006.
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