We need your help! St. Mary’s University is competing in Social Madness, a contest for organizations to flex their social media muscle. Think of it as March Madness, but not in March. And, of course, not basketball.

Organizations in 43 cities will amp up their social media activity this summer in hopes of making the national tourney, where the champion gets $10,000 for charity, as well as serious bragging rights. A scoring algorithm will track each entrant’s new Facebook likes, Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections and bizjournals.com votes. 

The first round runs June 1-19.

About 100 local companies are participating in the San Antonio challenge.  The top eight finishers will advance to their division’s city finals bracket on June 19. The 43 city winners and top 21 runners-up go to nationals, a 64-company bracket, on July 24. National winners will be announced in September.

We’re in the large company division, for organizations with more than 500 employees. This means we’ll be up against powerhouses such as Whataburger and Sea World.

So Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Connect with us on LinkedIn. Vote for us on bizjournals.com, under “Large companies.” And tell your friends!

Let’s help St. Mary’s score an upset!

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