On Sunday, April 22, St. Mary’s University is hosting a unique service event will both help beautify the neighborhood and help put middle and high school students on the path to college success.

The event is a partnership with Generation TX San Antonio, a nonprofit committed to making San Antonio a college-going and career-ready community in a single generation, and the San Antonio Youth Commission. The event will bring together students from St. Mary’s University students, who will work hand-in-hand on two community pocket parks starting at 9 a.m. The event will conclude with a picnic lunch. About 30 middle school, high school and St. Mary’s students are expected to participate. It is a part of the San Antonio Youth Commission’s Youth Day of Service.

“We are excited to have three generations of students – college, high school and middle school – coming together on a service project that benefits their community, while also giving the younger students the opportunity to interact and share information about what it can mean to attend college and how they can get there,” said Jordan Humphrey Ph.D., Associate Director for Civic Engagement at the St. Mary’s Civic Engagement and Career Development Center.

The project will with begin about 10 a.m. at the pocket park located at the corner of Camino Santa Maria and Woodlawn Avenue and continue at the park located just north of Camino Santa Maria on Cincinnati Avenue. Media is welcome.

About Generation TX San Antonio. Generation TX San Antonio is committed to making San Antonio a college-going and career-ready community in a single generation. Generation TX San Antonio serves as a hub for community coordination of resources to prepare San Antonio students for college and careers, and provide a focused marketing effort and curriculum of in-school messaging to inspire and ignite a shared commitment to producing the most successful generation of San Antonio students ever. For more information, please visit gentx.org.

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