San Antonio – In support of St. Mary’s University’s Neighborhood Revitalization Project, the Office of District 7 Councilman Justin Rodriguez announced at a news conference this morning that the community surrounding St. Mary’s University will be named the “St. Mary’s Gateway District.” Councilman Rodriguez also detailed the community enhancements that have recently been added to the neighborhood in support of the residential and commercial revitalization the University is spearheading.

The newly designated “St. Mary’s Gateway District” area reaches from NW 36th Street to St. Cloud Road and W. Huisache Avenue to Culebra Road. With Councilman Rodriguez’s assistance the City invested more than $50,000 of City dollars in District 7 to add pocket parks, bike lanes and routes, enhanced crosswalks, and aesthetic signage with the area’s new name.

The bike lanes have been installed on streets including Camino Santa Maria, Duke, Tulane and Morning Glory. New “St. Mary’s Gateway District” street name signs have been installed at several intersections including Culebra and 36th Street, and Bandera and Woodlawn. Marquee signs have also been placed at two new pocket parks at Camino Santa Maria and Woodlawn, as well as the one at Cincinnati and Tulane. Enhanced crosswalks have been placed at the intersections of Camino Santa Maria and Cincinnati, and Camino Santa Maria and Woodlawn.

“This is my home, my backyard,” said Councilman Rodriquez. “We’re turning the corner with the progress that has been made thus far and improving the quality of life for all those that live in this neighborhood.”

As the original anchor to San Antonio’s northwest side dating back to 1894, St. Mary’s University’s presence symbolizes a bridge between the historical impact of the past and innovation of the future. St. Mary’s continues to be a pillar of this community, providing educational services and, most recently, housing and commercial services through the University’s Neighborhood Revitalization Project.

“St. Mary’s Neighborhood Revitalization Project is a true partnership with our neighbors, local business owners and community leaders,” said President Charles L. Cotrell, Ph.D. “It is our responsibility to bring together those of us who have a vested interest in this community and bring about change.”

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