WHAT: The graduate International Relations program of St. Mary’s University
is sponsoring a workshop on “Capacity Building in
International Non-Governmental Organizations.”

WHO: Alfredo Ortiz, finance officer of PACT, an international
development enterprise,
will be the featured presenter.

WHEN: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 15

WHERE: Richter Math-Engineering Center building, St. Mary’s University campus.

COST: Free and open to general public.


PACT was founded in 1971, with direct funding from USAID, as a membership
organization of U.S. private and voluntary organizations to facilitate the
distribution of small grants to private groups working in relief and
development assistance. PACT’s goal is to reduce poverty by strengthening
the capacity of local organizations to attain sustainable development.

Ortiz, who has a bachelor’s degree in accounting from New Mexico State
University, earned a master’s degree in International Relations (1998) from
St. Mary’s. He oversees project fund management for international
non-governmental organizations, providing training in capacity building,
financial management and USAID and Office of Management and Budget
regulations. Ortiz has worked in Angola, Bangladesh, Japan, Mexico,
Mozambique, France, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

For program information, contact professor Larry Hufford,
Ph.D., graduate director of International Relations at St. Mary’s,
at 210-431-6790.

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