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The Engineering senior design project is a two-semester effort jointly supervised by St. Mary’s faculty and engineers from the sponsoring organization. Seniors work on solving open-ended problems submitted by and relevant to our industrial collaborators.

The senior project culminates the professional education received at St. Mary’s. Each project is a comprehensive effort: working in conjunction with an industrial internship, the students must apply their educational experience and expertise to identify, plan and design a practical solution to an actual problem.

The end product is a professional report and presentations given before students, faculty, industrial panelists and the sponsoring organization. Interdisciplinary teamwork among students is encouraged through the application of concepts, skills and knowledge acquired in the classroom.

Read about our partnership with Labatt Food Service

Previous Sponsors

Senior design projects have been sponsored by organizations such as:

  • H-E-B
  • Labatt Food Service
  • Frito-Lay
  • T-Mobile
  • Direct Source Meats
  • Southwest Research Institute
  • SA Lighthouse for the Blind
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Texas Diaper Bank
  • Cogeco Peer One
  • Gonzaba Medical Group
  • Bergstrom
  • City of San Antonio Brush Collection Service
  • San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind
  • San Antonio River Authority
  • NetDataPad
  • Najim Center for Business Innovation and Social Responsibility
  • Texas Roofing
  • Cox Manufacturing
  • Pristech
  • Zachry Construction


  • 2018 Projects

  • 2017 Project Highlights

    Project Name:

    Productivity Improvement at Direct Source Meats

    Direct Source Meats


    Engineering students at Direct Source Meats.Labatt Food Service’s most recent major investment was the Direct Source Meats (DSM) Cooked Meats facility. At the time of this report, the facility was a production center for beef barbacoa, pork tamales, smoked beef brisket, smoked turkey, shredded chicken and other Mexican food items. The demands for products like barbacoa experienced by DSM were above what management had forecast. The purpose of this senior design project was to analyze DSM’s production line to determine bottlenecks and inefficient procedures in order to create a more effective production schedule that benefited the company and its employees.


    Project Name:

    Implementation of a DevOps Environment at Cogeco Peer 1

    Cogeco Peer 1


    Engineering students at Cogeco. Labatt Food Service’s most recent major investment was the Direct Source Meats (DSM) Cooked Meats facility. The purpose of this senior design project was to facilitate the process of releasing and integrating code changes at Cogeco Peer 1, a cloud-hosting company. The project team implemented a “DevOps” environment that introduces introduced continuous integration of code within the systems. Continuous integration describes the merging of all developer coding work in progress, which in turn allows code releases several times a day. The project team created a DevOps environment with metrics and cost analysis which can be adopted by Cogeco Peer 1.


    Project Name:

    Design and Implementation of a Digital Dashboard for Labatt Food Service

    Labatt Food Service


    The purpose of this project was to create a digital dashboard to provide managers and team leaders the ability to use a visible report on group and individual performance. The project was implemented for Labatt’s warehouse divisions in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Lubbock and Albuquerque.


    Project Name:

    Facility Layout Design and Process Improvement for Meals on Wheels

    Meals on Wheels


    Engineering students at Meals on Wheels.This senior design project consisted of a design for a new layout for the Meals On Wheels meals production floor that supports the expected increase in customer demand and also reflects process improvements in their current facility. With the increase in a number of clients over the years, further growth became infeasible due to capacity limitations of the current facility. After conducting a series of observations and using industrial engineering tools such as Six Sigma Quality, Statistics, Engineering Graphics, Optimization and Computer Simulation, the senior design team created a new design that eliminates the inefficiencies presented in the current layout.


    Project Name:

    Implementation of an Inventory Control System for the Texas Diaper Bank

    Texas Diaper Bank


    Engineering students at the Texas Diaper Bank.The objective of this senior design project was to implement and automate a new warehouse management system for the Texas Diaper Bank (TXDB) in San Antonio to allow the company to efficiently and accurately track inventory. The team collected data from past months to forecast the demand for diapers, which was essential to determine the number of diapers needed from the suppliers of the TXDB, Kimberly-Clark and


    Project Name:

    Continuous Improvement Process Analysis for Bergstrom Inc.

    Bergstrom Inc.


    The objective of this senior design project was to identify opportunities of improvement for the following processes: Plastics regrind, statistical process control, plastic process parameters, and product assembly regarding internal issues and external issues at Bergstrom Inc., a manufacturer for climate control systems. The continuous improvement focused on internal and external assembly and plastics issues was to identify their primary cause and improve the efficiency of assembly line production.

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