• University of Central Florida, Ph.D.
  • University of Central Florida, M.F.A.
  • Susquehanna University, B.A.

Research interests

  • Documentary filmmaking
  • Intersection of narrative and performance
  • Digital storytelling
  • Multimodal composition
  • Collaborative authorship


Amanda Hill is an Associate Professor of Communication Studies. She joined St. Mary’s University after completing a Ph.D. in Texts & Technology at the University of Central Florida. While there she conducted research for the School of Visual Arts and Design and the College of Arts and Humanities. She holds an M.F.A. in Theatre from the University of Central Florida and a B.A. in Theatre from Susquehanna University.

Recent Publications

Hill, A. (Forthcoming) Digital Storytelling and Ethics: Collaborative Creation and Facilitation. Routledge.

Hill, A. (Forthcoming). (Re)Presentations: Personal Narratives and the Posthuman Body in
the #MeToo Movement. In M. Hopper, & S. LeBlanc (Eds.) The Performance of
Bodies in Popular Culture: One Size Does Not Fit All.

Hampsten, K., & Hill, A. (2022) Networked Family Spirit: Paradox and Tension in
Moving a Small University Online. In J. Valenzano (Ed.) Post Pandemic Pedagogy.

Raffel, S. & Hill, A. (2021). UpWord Mobility: The Intersection of Rhetorics, Hip Hop,
and History in Hamilton: An American Musical. In Intersectional Media:
Representations of Marginalized Identities
, J. Campbell and T. Carilli (Eds), Rowman
& Littlefield, pp. 93-103.

Hill, A. (Ed.) (2021). Storytelling and Identity through Digital Media: Special Issue of
Storytelling, Self, and Society.

Hill, A. The Power of Voice: Using Audio Podcasts as a Tool to Teach Vocal Performance
and Digital Communication. Journal of Communication Pedagogy, 4:1(2021): 38–50.

Hill, A. Westside Stories: Student-Made Documentaries about San Antonio’s
Westside. Journal of Media Practice and Education, 22:1 (2021): 1-16.

Hill, A. “Mediating Quarantine: Considering Netflix’s Homemade through
Baudrillard’s Hyperreal and the Banal.” The Journal of Media Art Study and Theory,
2:1 (2021): 78-93.

Hill, A. Food For Thought: Constructing Multimodal Identities through Recipe-
Creation with Homeless Youth. Community Literacy Journal, 14:2 (2020): 162-170.

Recent Presentations

Hill, A. (2022). Mediating Cultural Wealth: Equity-based Pedagogy in the Digital-
Communication Classroom. National Communication Association Conference,
New Orleans, LA.

Hill, A. (2022) Shared Authority in Digital Storytelling. International Digital
Storytelling Conference, Loughborough, UK.

Hill, A., Hessler, H. B., Wallenstorfer, D. (2022) Digital Storytelling for a Just Future.
International Digital Storytelling Conference, Loughborough, UK.

Hill, A. (2022) Climb On: Labor and Leisure in the Identity Performances of Olympic
Rock Climbers. International Association for Communication and Sport, Virtual.

Hill, A. & Cantu, A. (2021) Designing Documentaries: Challenges and Opportunities
to Decolonize Ethnographic Filmmaking with Undergraduate Students.
International Visual Methods Conference, Virtual.

Hill, A. (2021) Responsible Facilitation & Marianist Heritage History. Australian
Gerontology Conference, Virtual.

Hill, A. (2021) Constructing Self: Digital Storytelling with Homeless Youth.
International Digital Storytelling Conference, Virtual.

Hill, A. (2021) Responsible Facilitation in Co-Creative Story-Making: A reflexive
Process for Facilitators. International Symposium on Autoethnography and
Narrative, Virtual.

Hill, A. (2020). Westside Stories: Advocating for new narratives of San Antonio’s
Westside. National Communication Association Conference, Virtual.

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