For Undergraduates

The theory underlying the financial aid system is that parents and students contribute to the cost of college attendance to the extent they are able. If they are unable to contribute the entire amount, financial aid is available to meet the remaining cost.

The basic formula to determine financial aid eligibility or need is:

Cost of Attendance
- Expected Family Contribution
= Financial Need

It is important to keep in mind that students from families of all income levels can demonstrate financial need based upon their particular circumstances. Most students who apply are eligible.

Incoming Students

One of the main questions you and your family may have about going to college is how are you going to pay for your education. As you research schools and your options, you may be wondering how you can apply for financial aid, about the different types of financial aid that are available to you, where you can find costs for St. Mary’s or even how you accept your financial aid award. And remember, researching  alternate scholarship opportunities should be an ongoing process.

We aim to make the process easier for you. There is even a Net Price Calculator that you can use to help estimate the cost of attending St. Mary’s. If you have any questions, please call us or even make an appointment to visit with us.

Current Students

One of the most important things for you to know is that in order to receive financial aid, you must file your FAFSA every year, preferably by February 15.

Another thing for you to consider is researching alternate scholarship opportunities. Just because you are already in college doesn’t mean you can’t apply for more scholarships. In fact, there are scholarships available for those already in school. Learn about scholarship opportunities for current St. Mary’s undergraduate students.

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