Under the Texas Education Code 51.212 you have the right to information relating to law enforcement activities, unless it is confidential by law or falls within an exception to the Government Code.

Note: Student transcripts, medical records and other confidential and protected information cannot be requested through open records.

Open Records Request

Your request must be in writing and sent via the U.S. mail, or email to the following:

Mailing address:
Open Records
University Police Department
St. Mary’s University
One Camino Santa Maria
San Antonio, Texas 78228

Email address:

Sample written request for information:

Under the Texas Education Code 51.212 and in reference to the Texas Government Code, Chapter 552, I request access copies of __________________________(name of the document or type of information)

I request the copies be sent to the following name and address:

Mailing address:

In case you have questions, please contact me via email or phone.

Email address:
Phone number (daytime):

Fees for Records Requests

St. Mary’s University uses the rates established by the Office of the Attorney General to determine charges for copies of public records.

If the cost of the request is expected to exceed $40, St. Mary’s will send a cost estimate letter to the requestor. The estimate letter includes an itemized statement of any copying, personnel, mailing or other charges that will be incurred in fulfilling the request. Once the requestor confirms that he or she agrees to the estimated costs, St. Mary’s will begin compiling the records. If the requestor does not respond to the cost estimate letter within ten (10) days, the request will be closed.

Where estimated costs exceed $100, the requestor will be required to make a deposit before any records are compiled. Typically, the deposit will be equal to the estimated cost of reproducing the requested records.

Charges include:

Paper copies – single sided, black ink, standard size: $0.10 per page
Paper copies – single sided, black ink, non-standard size: $0.50 per page

Labor charges:

Personnel time for locating, compiling and reproducing records (if less than 50 pages of paper copies, no personnel costs are charged): $15 per hour
Overhead: 20% of labor

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