Hazing Violations Within the Last Three Years

Hazing investigations were conducted on the following student organizations in the preceding three years prior to July 1, 2023:

Alpha Sigma Tau (Beta Theta Chapter)
Date of Conduct Process ResolutionApril 30, 2023
Date of Initial Conduct InvestigationMarch 20, 2023
Date of Report to InstitutionMarch 3, 2023
Date of Hazing Incident or ViolationJanuary 31, 2023, and February 25, 2023
General Description of Hazing IncidentNew Members asked to engage in wall sits, lineups, underage drinking, and ingestion of unwanted substances. Active Members asked to engage in Scavenger Hunt and underage drinking.
Rules Violations or Criminal ChargesCode of Student Conduct Section 4-4-4.
University FindingsFound responsible. Alcohol Misconduct – providing alcohol to minors. Hazing – scavenger hunt, calisthenics; line-ups, eating/ingestion of unwanted substances.
University SanctionsChapter Suspension until January 10, 2024; Completion of: Substance Abuse Education, Bystander Intervention, Hazing Education, RSO Risk Management Compliance. Chapter is recruitment ineligible though Fall 2023. Chapter Disciplinary Probation until May 2024

In addition to the University Investigation, Alpha Sigma Tau Headquarters held a separate accountability and hazing investigation that resulted in the chapter being placed on probation until May 2024 and the permanent dismissal of offending members in the organization.

Hazing Policy

In line with our Core Values and the Marianist Catholic charism, hazing is an act that goes against the ideas of community and family spirit on the St. Mary’s University campus.

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