Welcome to the Rattler Family!

At St. Mary’s University, we embrace our Catholic and Marianist tradition, which teaches us that the family is a vital part of a student’s education and personal development. The Family Engagement program is designed to create meaningful partnerships between the University and the families of our students. Together, we support the holistic development of our students so they can thrive academically, socially and personally throughout their University journey and beyond.  

Our Vision

To cultivate a collaborative environment where families are actively involved and informed, contributing positively to the holistic development of our students.

Our Mission

To equip families with the knowledge, resources and connections necessary to actively support their students’ growth and success at St. Mary’s University.

Program Features

Communication and Updates

Stay informed with regular updates through our dedicated family newsletter. Receive timely insights and news directly affecting your student’s campus life. To sign-up or log-in go to The Rattler Family Portal and create your account.

Rattler Ready! and Zaragoza

During the summer, new incoming families are invited to join their student for their Rattler Ready! session, for a day-long program to prepare students to be ready for the first day of class. Students and families are introduced to University life, resources and the key contacts that will play a significant role in the education of your student.

Zaragoza Parent and Family Day is your day to connect with other families and transition your student to being a full-fledged college student.

Family Events and Workshops

Participate in events and workshops throughout the year, including St. Mary’s Family Weekend, educational seminars and webinars on topics like financial aid, student wellbeing and transition strategies.

Volunteer Opportunities

Get involved with various campus initiatives and committees. Volunteering offers a unique perspective on University operations and a chance to contribute directly to the enhancement of student experiences.

Support Services

Access to a dedicated family support staff, ready to assist with any queries or concerns about your student’s university life, from academics to personal development. 

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