St. Mary’s University School of Law faculty in the books

July 18, 2023

by Nathaniel Miller

The St. Mary’s University School of Law’s faculty do more than teach — they also work and share their expertise in specific fields in publications. Between May 2022 and April 2023, many faculty members published articles, papers and even podcasts. Below is a list of some of their published works.


Front cover of The Lawyer's Conscience.
  • Vincent Johnson, J.D., LL.M., LL.D., and Chenglin “Gary” Liu, LL.M., J.S.D, wrote Studies in American Tort Law, Seventh Edition, 2022; and Teaching Torts: A Teacher’s Guide to the Law of Torts, Seventh Edition, 2022.
  • Vincent Johnson, J.D., LL.M., LL.D., wrote A Student’s Guide to the Law of Torts, Seventh Edition, 2022.
  • Dorie Klein, J.D., wrote Texas Criminal Law: Cases and Materials, Second Edition, 2022.
  • Ramona Lampley, J.D., and Edward M. Imwinkelried, J.D., wrote Federal Evidence Tactics, Matthew Bender Elite Products, Second Edition, 2022.
  • Emilio Longoria, J.D., and Rafael Longoria wrote “Informality in South Texas: Understanding the Evolution of Colonias in El Cenizo and Rio Bravo” for Informality and the City — Theories, Actions, Interventions, Springer Cham, 2022.
  • Bill Piatt, J.D., and Cheryl Taylor, J.D., wrote Human Trafficking, Second Edition, Carolina Academic Press, 2022.
  • Gerald Reamey, J.D., LL.M., wrote How Not to be a Terrible Teacher (And Maybe a Good One), Carolina Academic Press, 2023.
  • Roberto Rosas, J.D., S.J.D., wrote The Marriage Nullity Process in the Reform of Pope Francis with Special Reference to the Processus Brevoir, Outskirts Press, 2023.
  • Jeffrey Addicot, J.D., wrote Christian Doctrines, Imprimatur Press, 2022.



White Papers:

  • A.J. Bellido De Luna, J.D., contributed to One Memorable Cross Examination Lesson in the National Institute for Trial Advocacy, May 2022.


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