Chemistry and Biochemistry majors at St. Mary’s University receive excellent preparation for graduate school, professional school or a career in industry.

The programs stress the fundamentals of chemistry, as well as development of the intellectual skills necessary to apply them. The Chemistry and Biochemistry programs promote versatility and prepares students for a wide range of options after graduation.

Majors select a minor from one of the degrees offered within the School of Science, Engineering and Technology.

Research Opportunities

Chemistry and Biochemistry majors are encouraged to seek summer research opportunities after their sophomore year. Many programs sponsored by the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health are available.

St. Mary’s also has programs designed to encourage women and minorities to consider research careers in the health fields, such as the Minority Access to Research Careers and the Undergraduate Research Office.

Past students have participated in such programs at NASA as well as at universities and medical centers throughout the United States.

Students are highly encouraged to participate in student leadership opportunities such as the American Chemical Society of Students, undergraduate research, work-study, and community service opportunities offered through the University’s Service Learning Center.

Facilities and Equipment

Housed in Garni Science Hall, the Department’s laboratories accommodate both leading-edge research and intensive educational instruction.

Chemical instrumentation in the Department includes chromatography, spectroscopy and electrochemistry equipment.

Academic Programs in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry



Forensic Science

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