Zaragoza (Orientation)

St. Mary’s New Student Orientation

Your transition into life at St. Mary’s University begins at Zaragoza! During Zaragoza, you and your family are introduced to the St. Mary’s campus community, our programs, other students and their families. Most importantly, Zaragoza welcomes you as one of us.

Zaragoza is a two-part orientation program for new students at St. Mary’s University.

During Zaragoza you will have the opportunity to:

  • Meet other new students
  • Meet Zaragoza Leaders (ZLs) who will guide you through the Zaragoza program
  • Meet with an academic adviser in your discipline and confirm your class registration
  • Learn about the University’s academic expectations and performance policies
  • Learn more about our Marianist charism and service learning mission of the institution
  • Learn how to access the University’s services and resources
  • Learn about important campus traditions and ways to get involved in campus life.

As you can see, Zaragoza is packed with information and opportunities for you! To plan for your time on campus, we encourage you to review the schedule in advance of your arrival.Why “Zaragoza?”Zaragoza was a place of new beginning. It’s the town in Spain where Blessed William Joseph Chaminade, founder of the Society of Mary, took time to reflect on his life and was the birthplace of the Society we now know as the Marianists. Blessed Chaminade’s experience in Zaragoza parallels the reflection and new direction you will experience as you begin your collegiate career at St. Mary’s University.Our Zaragoza program welcomes students to the St. Mary’s community and prepares students to be members of our community by easing the transition for students and parents; instilling a sense of pride in being a St. Mary’s student; and providing an opportunity for you to interact with other students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Contact Us:

Zaragoza Orientation

Student Activities and Transition Programs
University Center, Second Floor
Fax: 210-436-3422

Zaragoza (Z1, Z2, Z3) Rattler Days
The first part of your StMU orientation experience focuses on academics, placement testing, advisement and class registration. The second part of your St. Mary’s orientation occurs during the final days leading up to the beginning of fall classes, and is designed to acclimate you to our campus, our mission, and campus policies in a fun-filled atmosphere.
You have the option to select one of the following sessions:

  • Z1 – June 15-16, 2015
  • Z2 – June 18–19, 2015
  • Z3 – Aug. 13–14, 2015
Rattler Days begins at 5 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 14th and continues through Monday, Aug. 17th.
Required for all new students—freshmen and transfers Required for all freshmen and any transfer student with less than 30 credit hours.
Parents and guests are welcome! When you arrive you will receive a program guide that includes several programs specifically designed for parents and guests, as well as some sessions you will attend with your student. The Rattler Days program is primarily for students, although there will be a cookout and soccer game on Saturday evening that is open to everyone.