• Ph.D. Criminal Justice, Texas State University
  • M.S. Criminal Justice, The University of North Texas
  • B.S. Criminal Justice, The University of North Texas


  • CJ 1301
  • CR 3325
  • CJ 3330
  • CJ 3332
  • CR 3360
  • CJ 4301


Steven D. Glassner (Ph.D.) joined St. Mary’s University in the Fall 2023 semester as an addition to the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology faculty. Glassner is a student-focused professor who originally grew up in the north Texas area. After serving roughly 6 years in the active U.S. Army, Steven pursued his B.S. and M.S. in Criminal Justice at the University of North Texas. Upon completing those degrees, Glassner enrolled in the doctoral program at Texas State University having successfully fulfilled the requirements for his doctorate in 2015. Since that time, Glassner has worked as an Assistant Professor and was granted the rank of Associate Professor at Tarleton State University prior to coming to St. Mary’s University. Glassner has administered over 20 different course topics within the domains of criminology and criminal justice, and he has mentored/advised a substantial number of students throughout his academic career. Glassner’s main research focus involves examining the deleterious outcomes associated with victimized and traumatized youth as they progress throughout the life course. He has published numerous peer-reviewed journal articles in well-respected journals within the field, focusing on the topics of early traumatization/victimization on deviant or delinquent behaviors. Below is a select list of recent publications attributed to Glassner.

Glassner, Steven D., Brabham, Sofia, & Fomby, Marquis D. (2023). Social Disorganization,  Collective Efficacy, Bullying Perpetration and Victimization: An Empirical Test. The Social Science Journal.

Cho, Sujung, & Glassner, Steven D. (2021). Impacts of Low Self-Control and Opportunity    Structure on Cyberbullying Developmental Trajectories: Using a Latent Class Growth Analysis. Crime & Delinquency, 67(4), 601-628. doi:10.1177/0011128720950018

Glassner, Steven D. (2020). Bullying Victimization and Delinquent Involvement: An   Application of General Strain Theory. Children and Youth Services Review.  

Cho, Sujung, & Glassner, Steven D., (2019). Examining the Mediating Effects of Negative   Emotions on the Link between Multiple Strains and Suicidal Ideation: A Longitudinal  Analysis. Archives of Suicide Research, 24(1), 380-399.Glassner, Steven D., & Cho, Sujung (2018). Bullying Victimization, Negative Emotions, and  Substance Use: Utilizing General Strain Theory to Examine the Undesirable Outcomes of  Childhood Bullying Victimization in Adolescence and Young Adulthood. Journal of Youth Studies, 21(9), 1232-1249.

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