Mathematics is more than just the theory of numbers. It discovers tools from which a quantitative understanding of our world is made possible. Moreover, the language of mathematics is truly a universal language, transcending ethnic, societal and national boundaries. The study of mathematics hones essential logical reasoning skills and teaches techniques that can open doors to exciting and high-paying quantitative careers in business, government, teaching and research.

Students majoring in Mathematics at St. Mary’s University are exposed to the theoretical foundations of mathematics and experience its applications in a variety of disciplines. Innovative teaching and learning environments allow students to develop critical thinking and general problem-solving strategies.

In addition, our Mathematics graduates understand the power and usefulness of computers equipped with graphing and symbolic algebra. Classroom assignments enhance the students’ abilities to communicate mathematics effectively—both orally and in writing.

Students have the opportunity to hear about current research and present their own research at the undergraduate mathematics seminar.


Internships for Mathematics majors are often available in San Antonio at USAA (particularly in actuarial science) and Southwest Research Institute (in mathematics, statistics and mathematical programming).

The National Security Agency in Washington, D.C., has a summer internship program in mathematical cryptologic problems for math majors.

Student Activities

Other experiential opportunities include research programs at Louisiana State University, the Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Institute at Cornell University, the Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate at Rice University, and the Summer Institute in Mathematics for Undergraduates at the University of Puerto Rico.

The Mathematics Club often invites speakers from industry and academia to share their experiences with the students

Academic Programs in the Department of Mathematics


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